Cai Shen Fishing

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Cai Shen Fishing
World's first GLI-certified fishing games with SAS protocol and casino management system compatibility. 
First multi-game & multi-table fishing game in an independent terminal, and also the first to feature bonus games. 
 One game up to 48 tables.
One room can play up to 4 players.
For each room, operator can adjust denomination, as well as the minimum and maximum bet.
Also avaialble in single game and single room. 
Different creatures/symbols have different payouts; the larger the creature/symbol such as gold shark, gold toad, and gold pot have bigger payouts.
Hold joystick down to target high-payout creatures and bonus symbols like Machine Gun, Fortune Wheel and Cai Shen FaFaFa. 
Successful hit on the CaiShen will trigger random payouts up to 300X. 
JDB’s new online fishing game CAI SHEN FISHING is one with great quality and enables players to receive points in great multiples. Enjoy the fascination of catching fish with the Wealth God and traveling among the tropical ocean to reverse your luck! Players have the opportunity to win 200-multiple lucky prizes! Come to join this CAI SHEN FISHING to become richer!
Up to 1000X when winning red envelopes
Up to 1000X when winning CAI SHEN FA FA FA
Get the chance to win 100~300X when CAI SHEN coming
Up to 200X when winning Wheel of Fortune
20 to 100 free bullets randomly when winning the Fortune Bazooka, and may get the chance to win up to 999 free bullets again
Supporting multi-players to play online with the optional gaming rooms of Newbie, Expert, and CaiShen
Cai Shen Fishing Features
BonusGame: Pick Objects
Fishing, Oriental, Asian, Water world, Arcader, Asian Gods, Fortune Frog, Gold, Fisherman, Fish, Shark, Turtle
Blue, Gold-color, Red


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